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Are you planning a magazine project? Matthias Ziert develops strategic and graphic concepts for magazines of all kinds.

My profession, my passion

Are you planning a journal project? Matthias develops strategic and graphic concepts for all kinds of magazines. Whether launching a new or relaunching a proven object: editorial design and its implementation in appealing magazins is my profession. You profit of many years of expertise in editorial design.
Consumers-, Business-, Special-Interest-Magazines or
May I create and concept it for you?
OUpper row: editor and  creative director for several wedding magazines, graphic concept for a medical journal, design for newsletter

Bottom row: cover-design for various journals; graphic concept for a supplement, cover photo monthly and its implementation for the publishing house Privatbahn (Hanover), graphic overall concept for city-magazines in Cologne and Bergisch Gladbach as well as layout and title design of many editions

Are you planning a magazine project? I also advise you on the implementation of customer magazines, audience titles, trade journals and newsletters.
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